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Agility Ladders: A Small Investment for Big Results

Agility ladders are a great tool to use to increase your speed and quickness.

Checkout this guide about agility ladders and how they can help you.

The best agility ladder can get you moving quickly to increase your speed, balance, and coordination.

The versatile piece of exercise equipment can help you learn to move in a variety of new ways, which can also target muscle groups you don’t typically target.

Our guide can help you determine what agility ladder might be best suited to your workouts.

What is an Agility Ladder For?

Agility ladders are relatively inexpensive pieces of equipment that, interestingly, can give you some of the most versatility in your workouts.

Agility ladders lay on the floor or ground, rather than a typical ladder that stands vertically.

Using your legs and feet, you move through the rungs of the ladder in different directions and speeds using various movements to increase your agility.

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What Benefits Can an Agility Ladder Provide?

Agility ladders are especially helpful for improving the muscles in your legs and feet since you’ll use them repeatedly with agility ladder exercises.

Additionally, this type of equipment can help you target underutilized joints, ligaments, and muscle groups that you don’t typically target in other exercises.

More importantly, perhaps, is what an agility ladder can provide to an overall cardio workout.

Cardio workouts are heart-healthy because they can regulate blood pressure, increase blood circulation, and help get the heart pumping at healthy levels.

Agility ladders provide similar benefits of other cardio workouts in that they get your blood moving and heart pumping to benefit your heart, burn calories, and increase oxygen to your muscles.

Who Can Benefit from Agility Ladder Training?

Anyone – even non-athletes – can use an agility ladder as an aid to their workouts.

The great thing about an agility ladder is that you can complete beginner to advanced exercises with them and gradually increase your speed and intensity as you see fit.

Agility ladders might also provide some additional fun for people who get bored with one type of workout.

Those who play sports tend to use this piece of equipment frequently.

Soccer and football players, for example, may benefit from enhancing their quick foot placement skills using an agility ladder.

What Exercises Can I Do with an Agility Ladder?

Agility ladders are versatile pieces of equipment for athletes to help them build endurance, stamina, and quickness on their feet.

The idea of the agility ladder is to move more quickly while maintaining balance, strength, and power.

The following exercise is one you can do with your agility ladder to improve your speed in multiple directions while teaching your body to remain balanced. To complete the lateral shuffle:

  1. Stand in one of the two end squares of your ladder with your feet about a hip-width apart.
  2. Bend at your waist and knees so that your chest falls over your toes, also keeping your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle.
  3. Lean on the opposite leg of the one you’ll be moving first, then place the moving leg into the next square. Your weight should then shift to that leg.
  4. Bring your other leg to the same square and, at the same time, move your opposite leg to the next square. You should maintain an almost fluid movement of shifting your body weight and moving your legs into the squares.
  5. Continue moving down the ladder. Once you reach the end, complete the same movements in the opposite direction until you’ve finished several repetitions as fast as you can.

You may have to start slowly with this exercise until you get a feel for the proper motion. Once you have your form down, you can begin to increase speed as you complete repetitions.

The Top Agility Ladders

Our top choices for agility ladders include some of the most popular picks according to beginner to advanced athletes who use them.

We evaluated our options based on durability, versatility, convenient portability from home to the gym, and more.

1. Firebreather Agility Ladder

The Firebreather Agility Ladder offers excellent value for one price.

This ladder comes in a set that includes agility cones, which can further increase your movement skills during workouts, a carrying bag, an eBook with drill suggestions, and pegs to secure your ladder to the ground.

The pegs also keep the ladder from twisting or causing you to trip during your workout. One of the significant benefits of this ladder is that you can adjust the 12 included rungs to define their space apart.

Just slide the rungs up the nylon straps, which are 15 feet in length, to space them closer together for quick feet training, for example, or farther apart for a more comfortable workout for people with long legs or large feet.

What We Like

  • Set comes with carrying case, agility cones, pegs to keep ladder in place, and a drill guide
  • 15 feet of ladder with 12 rungs
  • Adjustable rungs to meet the needs of individual athletes and workouts

What We Dislike

  • Cones may crack easily
  • Assembly and spacing is required before use
FireBreather | Agility Ladder and Cones FireBreather | Agility Ladder and Cones

Great Training Equipment to Exercise Speed in Soccer, Football & Sports Workout. Set of 15ft Ladder, 12 Markers, 4 Pegs, Carrying Bag & Drills Ebook

  • Great training kit that will change the way you train forever
  • Perfect to take everywhere

2. Ohuhu Agility Ladder

The Ohuhu Agility Ladder offers 20 feet of ladder space with 12 adjustable rungs.

The rungs are set on heavy-duty straps that stand up to consistent wear and tear, yet allow you to quickly move the rungs to meet the needs of your workout.

You’ll also get four metal stakes to keep your ladder in place on the ground while you move to avoid twisting, tangling, and injuries

The Ohuhu Agility Ladder also comes in a set with a carrying bag, a guide to training with your ladder, and twelve agility cones to make your workouts even more intense.

The ladder folds back up quickly when you’re done using it so you can store it in the bag and take it with you to and from the gym.

What We Like

  • Convenient carrying cases
  • Adjustable rungs that can be moved through 20 feet of ladder
  • Free eBook with agility ladder drills and tips

What We Dislike

  • Instructions may be challenging to follow regarding rung spacing
Ohuhu Agility Ladder Ohuhu Agility Ladder

Speed Training Exercise Ladders for Soccer Football Boxing Footwork Sports Speed Agility Training with Carry Bag,15ft 12 Rung,Yellow/Blue

  • Built with a rung distance of 17'', Overall length reach 17 feet
  • Ideal tool for all athletes and trainers to improve foot speed
02/19/2024 03:59 am GMT

3. Juvale Speed and Agility Ladder Training Set

The Juvale Speed and Agility Ladder Training Set provides an excellent bargain for those looking for a beginner ladder for their agility workouts.

With 20 feet of ladder space, you’ll have plenty of room for several different types of drills, and you can adjust the spacing of the rungs as needed.

You’ll also receive four metal stakes that resist rust to keep your ladder in place as you complete drills. Your ladder stores in a convenient carrying bag for easy transporting between home and the gym.

You can also benefit from the included wall poster that offers several top drills to perform with the Juvale Speed and Agility Ladder Training Set.

What We Like

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes pre-spaced and is adjustable
  • 15 feet of ladder to adjust to your workout

What We Dislike

  • May tangle or lose spacing between rungs during workouts
  • Straps are not as heavy-duty as others
Juvale | Speed and Agility Ladder Training Set Juvale | Speed and Agility Ladder Training Set

This sports training set includes an agility ladder, 6 yellow disc cones, 1 resistance parachute, 4 steel stakes, and a drawstring bag all at a value. Improve balance, agility, speed, reflexes, and explosiveness with this professional grade sports training set.

  • Agility ladder speed training equipment for athletes
  • Perfect for coaches, kids, college sports
02/18/2024 11:05 pm GMT

4. Power Guidance Agility Ladder

The Power Guidance Agility Ladder has 19 feet of ladder space with 12 rungs for you to complete a broad range of drills with.

The heavy-duty rungs are constructed with thick, durable plastic, so they stay in place and stand up to wear and tear and accidental missteps.

You can adjust the rungs on this ladder, but the thick nylon straps ensure that they won’t move out of place as you complete your workout. Use the included metal stakes on the four corners to keep your ladder grounded, which attach with durable D-rings.

With bright yellow rungs, this ladder stands out against the ground to help you see better as you work out.

The Power Guidance Agility Ladder comes in a convenient set that includes a portable carrying case and eight agility cones, to further improve your movement, balance, and speed.

What We Like

  • Velcro closure strap helps keep the ladder together for secure bag storage
  • Adjustable spacing to meet your workout needs
  • Longer than some other ladders, which can allow you to do longer drill repetitions

What We Dislike

  • Velcro strap does not attach to ladder anywhere so that you might misplace it easily
  • Might be difficult for first-time users to adjust spacing
POWER GUIDANCE Agility Ladder (20 Feet) POWER GUIDANCE Agility Ladder (20 Feet)

For Speed Agility Training & Quick Footwork Exercise - with 12 Plastic Rungs, 4 Pegs, Carry Bag & 10 Sports Cones

  • Perfect training tool for soccer, tennis,basketball, baseball, football
  • 20 feet long agility ladder with 12 adjustable heavy duty plastic rungs
02/19/2024 03:04 am GMT

5. Yes4All Speed Agility Ladder

The Yes4All Speed Agility Ladder comes in a few different colors of bright rungs so you can find one that will work correctly for where you place it, such as a fluorescent yellow to contrast green grass.

You can also choose between different numbers of rungs – 8, 12, and 20 – to get the perfect ladder for your needs.

The largest ladder has 25 feet of space in which to house 20 rungs, which can give you the ultimate agility workout for speedy, quick-feet drills.

You can adjust the rungs on each ladder up to 15 inches apart.The rungs move on heavy-duty nylon straps, which are thick enough to prevent accidental movement during your workouts.

When not in use, you can roll up your ladder and store it in the included carrying case for easy portability.

What We Like

  • 5-year warranty
  • Rungs on the ladder stay in place better than some similar options
  • You’re able to attach another ladder to this one using the end snaps

What We Dislike

  • Narrower width than some ladders
  • Does not include stakes to keep the ladder in place on the ground
Yes4All Ultimate Agility Ladder Yes4All Ultimate Agility Ladder

Agility Speed and Balance Training Ladder for All Ages with Multi Choice 8, 12, 20 Rungs - Included Carry Bag

  • Has space between rungs that is adjustable up to 15" inch
  • Perfect sports ladder which suitable to meet all your workout demands
02/18/2024 09:10 pm GMT


The Ohuhu Agility Ladder is one of the best options for beginning to advanced agility ladder users.

The ladder itself is one of the longer options, offering 20 feet of ladder space with 12 adjustable rungs.

This length can help you complete longer drill repetitions in each direction to improve your movement, balance, speed, and more.

We also like that this budget-friendly ladder comes in a complete set that includes agility cones, a drill book, stakes, and carrying cases to give you a good deal for your dollar.

When you’re done with the ladder, fold it up and store it in the case.

This ladder is ideal for athletes who want to improve their agility skills, including endurance and quick movements.

You’ll be able to complete a variety of drills using the Ohuhu Agility Ladder, as it stays firmly in place on the ground and you can adjust the spacing for your perfect workout.

02/19/2024 03:59 am GMT
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