Short on Time? Try This Killer 5-Minute Ab Workout

The most common excuse for not exercising: "I don't have enough time." Well, if you are short on time then this quick 5-minute core workout might be all you need to stay on track.

We’ve got great news for you:

Developing practical core strength doesn’t require 30-minute mindless ab routines. In fact, strong core muscles can come from short high-intensity ab workouts!

You use your abs in the gym every day. When you squat, deadlift, bench or do other workouts, you’re engaging your core.

That’s why you don’t need to dedicate half an hour 3x a week to your abs—they’re already getting a workout each day.

That said, though, it is nice to give them some focus and specific attention, and that’s why a short high-intensity killer ab workout is perfect for getting a solid core.

You get all the core-blasting focus you need in just a fraction of the time.

Here is an example of a quick high-intensity ab workout:

The Best 5-Minute Ab Workout

This specific short ab workout is going to alternate between targeting your obliques and your lower core muscles.

Killer Ab Workout Outline - Lower Abs and Obliques

1. Flutter Kicks – 30 seconds

Keep them quick but deliberate. Don’t cheat yourself on this one—make sure you tighten your core and focus on your abs contracting.

2. Bicycles – 30 seconds

You want to do these slow and precise. Don’t go for speed! Focus on extending your leg straight out in front of you and feeling that stretch.

Take your time when alternating your legs. The alternation is part of the ab workout too, so don’t rush through the process.

3. 6 inches – 30 seconds

Focus on tightening your core and keeping your legs level. If they shake a little, that’s okay, try to keep them in the same area.

4. Russian Twists – 30 seconds

Make sure you touch your hand down to the floor on either side. Get your full range of motion by twisting your core, not just rotating your arms from side to side.

5. Leg Raises – 30 seconds

Use your core to carry your legs up. Try not to swing your legs up, but focus on contracting your abs to bring them up.

The negative is just as important—lower your legs gracefully to the floor. Don’t just let them fall.

6. Bicycles – 30 seconds

Focus on your form here and stay strong throughout the set.

7. Toe touches – 30 seconds

Reach up as far as you can. If you can’t reach your toes, get as close as possible. If you can reach your toes, try going past them.

8. Russian Twists – 30 seconds

9. 6 Inches – 60 seconds


If you’re starting out, do each exercise for as long as you can—then start again when the next activity begins.

As each week goes on, keep adding a couple of seconds to each exercise until you can do the complete workout without stopping.