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10 Benefits Of Jumping Jacks

Cardio can be a real drag when you’re just running on the spot all the time.  Maybe it’s time to explore the benefits of jumping jacks.  Work your body in a different way to reap the benefits of this exercise.  You can even lose weight in the process.

Basically, if you’re thinking of adding a little energy to your fitness (beyond just taking some pre-workout), look no further than jumping jacks.  Jumping jacks have been proven to enhance your fitness and your stability.  

Jumping jacks are just the thing you need to get you pumped.  The health benefits are astounding so let’s read all about them.

What Exactly Are Jumping Jacks?

Jumping jacks are a cardio-based full-body workout that you can do almost anywhere.  The best part of jumping jacks is that you don’t need any equipment at all.  Just bring your body for this exercise and start jumping.

Often used in exercise routines like HIIT or aerobics, jumping jacks are a fun, energizing exercise that’s a part of plyometrics, or jump training.

Plyometrics are a combination of resistance training and aerobic exercises that work your heart, lungs, and muscles all at the same time.  We all know that leads to weight loss and other health benefits.  

Let’s jump into why this exercise is so good in its simplicity.


There are multiple reasons why jumping jacks are considered effective and jumping Here are 10 reasons why you should add them to your workout regimen.

Great Warm-Up Exercise

Warming up is the most crucial part of any workout routine.  This is another reason why jumping jacks are so good for you.  Jumping jacks can help relax your muscles in your core, hips, limbs, back, and face.

After completing 50 jumping jacks, you won’t need much else to get your heart pumping for the workout to come.

Relieves Stress

Did you know that serotonin is released when you workout?  Serotonin is a surefire way to lower stress.

It may seem hard to believe when you’re exhausted, but the “feel good” hormone stimulates in your brain when you move and do an exercise like jumping jacks.

Adrenalin is also released – giving you a rush of excitement. These two hormones together create a good recipe for happiness and lower rates of stress.  This is one of the excellent benefits of jumping jacks.  We all need to lower our stress levels.

Aid’s Weight Loss

Woman Showing Flat Stomach

Are you looking for a body workout that burns loads of calories?  When paired with strength training, cardio exercises can maximize your weight loss potential.  The health benefits are profound when you engage in jumping jacks.

Weight loss in the simplest terms is calories in vs. calories out, so if you burn more through activity than what you consume, you will start to lose weight.

Do 3 sets of 40 jumping jacks, and you’ll notice yourself sweating the more your heart pumps.

Jumping Jacks are Easy To Do And Cost Nothing

Jumping jacks require no equipment and little instruction. They can be done by anybody and everybody, regardless of exercise level or ability.  

Although intensity may be different depending on the person. Jumping jacks also cost nothing unless you want to add weight to your regime.

The more you do, the stronger you’ll get. Jumping jacks helps to improve your muscles, flexibility, and even strengthen your bones.

Jumping Jacks Tone Multiple Body Muscles

This exercise tones your muscles, specifically your glutes, quadriceps, and hip flexors.  They will definitely help those legs get to work.  Jumping jacks also involves your abdominal, back, and shoulder muscles.  

Doing an intense bout of cardio exercises will help you shed fat, making it easier to see the muscles you gained.  Your body and health will thank you. 

Improves Flexibility in your Body

Young Flexible Woman

Your muscles will be able to stretch farther the more you use them. When you start adding plyometric exercises to your workout, you may find it challenging to do 20 jumping jacks in one go. 

As you continue to work out, you’ll find it easier to position your legs and arms correctly.  The good thing about muscle memory is your body remembers day-to-day.  Like anything else, the more you perform, the easier they will be and the more health benefits of jumping jacks you will see.

Great Bone Builder Exercises

Not only do our muscles get a good workout, but so do our bones. Small jumping motions make our bones bend slightly, which forces new cells to develop.  This will improve bone density.

Our bones are then offered additional support and strengthening. It may sound scary, but little microfractures will form, similar to how muscle tears that help us to become stronger.

Tears in the bones caused by jumping jacks are harmless.  In fact, they will eventually lead to increased bone mass.

Jumping jacks will improve your stamina, stability, and coordination, as well as enhance the function of two vital organs: your heart and lungs.  Get that heart rate pumping and work a ton of muscle groups with just one exercise.

Did we mention that jumping jacks are also a full-body workout?  It’s true.  Improving your bones, muscles, and organs all at the same time means jumping jacks are the way to go. 

Improves Stamina And Stability

Working out your abdominal muscles improves your balance, meaning you’ll be able to do more jumping jacks faster while landing with more accuracy.

Cardio will also benefit your stamina! Jumping jack endurance is different from running, as it requires more muscles.

Think of how easy it is to walk vs. climb the stairs. One is more comfortable than the other.  A cardio exercise like doing jumping jacks daily will improve your overall endurance. Take cardio supplements to improve your endurance and do more!

Improves Coordination

Family Balancing

Certain aerobic exercises take more coordination than others. Jumping jacks require perfect rhythm between your arms and your legs as you jump.  Did you just get up and do a jumping jack to see if we were right?  

We take for granted how important coordination is, but we use it daily for scratching our nose or cutting vegetables. If you play sports, developing this skill will be necessary.  Professional athletes add jumping jacks to their fitness routine to improve their coordination and to see the benefits it has on their body.  Jumping jacks help you get the body you always wanted so get those jacks going.

Trains Heart And Lungs

Workouts like jumping jacks are a great way to boost your heart and lung health by elevating your heart rate.

The heart has to work super hard to pump the required amount of oxygenated blood to bring back the carbon dioxide blood from the cells.  A heart that is pumping is a great step to overall good health. 

This helps to exercise your hearts and lungs. Keep in mind your heart is a muscle, so working it out daily will make it stronger.  Also, decreased blood pressure leads to overall health and jumping jacks may help with that.

Follow us below and read to get some answers to your questions about this high-intensity exercise.

Related Questions

How To Do Jumping Jacks?

How Many Calories Do Jumping Jacks Burn?

Jumping jacks burn an average of 100 calories in 15 minutes. If you increase the rigor and speed of the jumping jacks, you can increase the calories burnt to around 180 per 15 minutes. 

Keep in mind, this is an estimate.  Make sure you strap on your Whoop Strap to find out exactly how many you are burning during your jumping jacks exercises.

Is It Safe For Pregnant Women To Do Jumping Jacks?

No, it’s not safe for pregnant women to do jumping jacks.  This exercise might be too intense for your body.  While pregnant women should definitely do aerobic exercise, they need to be careful what kind of exercise they are doing.

A doctor’s medical advice for pregnant women is to do “low-intensity” instead of high-intensity.  Although jumping jacks can be performed at a lower intensity, they shouldn’t be performed without first consulting your doctor.


Whether you’re a fitness newbie or a powerlifting champion, jumping jacks are an excellent addition to your weekly fitness routine.

Add this exercise to your warm-up next time you’re at the gym to see improvements in your overall endurance and full-body workout!  Between that and the many health benefits of jumping, it’s time to get to start on those jacks.

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