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How Much Should I Be Able To Bench

How Much Should I Be Able To Bench

The question, “How much should I be able to bench?” shouldn’t really fill you with worry that you’re not doing enough, as long as you’re working on your fitness goals and striving to progress and improve as time goes by.  That said, it’s only natural to be curious about your “bench press number.” So… how …

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Nine Pull Up Variations

Known as the “upper body squat,” your classic pull-up is a vital part of your regular exercise routine, specifically targeting the biceps and latissimus dorsi (lats).  But sticking to the same old pull up routine can become “meh” or prevent you from progressing in your fitness goals. Why should you do pull up variations?  There …

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Sauna After Workout: Yes or No

Sauna After Workout: Yes or No

Your body’s burning and aching after an intense workout, and the thought of relaxing in a sauna sounds like heaven.  But did you know it can also improve your health and enhance your fitness?  Here’s everything you need to know before you step into the sauna at the gym.  Sauna after workout?  It might scream …

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Six Best Side Deltoid Exercises

Six Best Side Delt Exercises

You might think you’re working your shoulders regularly, but if you’re not incorporating side delt exercises into your routine, you’re not going to get stronger muscles that make your shoulders full and round. Why are your side deltoids so important?  You might work out your rear and middle deltoid muscles but your side (or lateral) …

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Deload Week Debunked

Deload Week Debunked

You’ve heard of boosting your calorie intake or refeeding, to hit your training goals harder at the gym, but deload week is when you give your muscles a bit of a break instead of your diet.  While that might seem counterproductive to your strength-training goals, it can actually improve your performance. What is deload week?  …

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