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Tacfit Flowfit 101 Review

Looking for some innovative fitness programs to burn fat? FlowFit 101 is an excellent movement modality that takes you beyond just burning fat and building muscle. It shows you how to use Flow in your fitness, tap into the movements, and restore innate flow. If you are looking for a standard exercise system – then …

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The Ultimate Lung Boost User Review

While still an item many people will not have heard of, respiratory trainers are becoming more and more popular in recent times, thanks largely to the success of the Expand-A-Lung. Designed to strengthen the muscles of the respiratory system, they can be used by everyone from the sick and elderly to performance athletes, with even …

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Best Colostrum Supplement

Colostrum is a substance that has been used since ancient times when it was primarily taken in the later stages of life to promote health as people age. Having flown under the radar for many years, colostrum supplements have gradually begun to become more and more popular in recent years. As a result, it is …

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Expand – A – Lung Review

There are a number of devices currently on the market that can be used to train the respiratory muscles, with the range of available options seemingly growing by the day. These devices create resistance when breathing to strengthen and train the muscles of the respiratory system. During inhalation, the diaphragm and intercostal muscles work to …

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Recumbent Bike Workouts

Recumbent bike workouts are an excellent choice for people seeking a low impact, high intensity exercise routine. They can help to reduce weight, improve lower body strength, and build endurance, making them a very well rounded choice. However, many people look down on recumbent bikes, as they aren’t as understood as treadmills, with many people …

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Thoracic Spine Mobility Exercises

Thoracic spine health and flexibility is very important and plays a vital role in a person’s health, posture, range of movement, and well-being. Unfortunately, as the thoracic spine is placed under such tremendous stress by the rigours of daily life, it can easily become immobile or misaligned. Everything from poor posture and muscular imbalances to …

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Infrared Sauna vs Red Light Therapy

Infrared saunas and red light therapy are both clinically-proven treatments that offer a range of natural health benefits. In recent years, each has become popular as an alternative method of treatment to replace traditional medications. There are key differences between each of the types of treatment and both work well when used in unison and …

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AirPhysio Review

People suffering from respiratory conditions regularly find their life slowly starts to get taken over by the illness. Everyday tasks become more challenging and tiresome, infections and complications become more frequent, and activities like sports or exercise often seem completely out of the question. What if I told you that didn’t need to be the …

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Wim Hof Diet

When it comes to experimenting with new diets and ways of eating, people often look for the most unique and extreme options, such as the paleo diet or the Zone diet. This is because they are regularly perceived to be the most effective, either because of how strict you have to be to follow them, …

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