Dr. Ahmed Zayed

Dr. Ahmed Zayed holds a bachelor’s degree in medicine from Alexandria university and is a practicing plastic surgeon. He’s our expert on all things nutrition, medicine, rehabilitation, and flexibility. Dr.Ahmed has been a medical content writer for more than 11 years and his work reached top publications such as the HuffingtonPost

Ketocharge Review

The keto diet has gained significant popularity in the last few years. A large number of people turn to a keto diet with the hopes of experiencing weight reduction. Ketogenic diets replace carbohydrates in your diet with fats while also focusing on providing the body with an adequate amount of protein. Unfortunately, many people find …

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The Cold Plunge Review

Let’s face it: Cold water immersion therapy is all the rage right now. Immersing yourself in a tub of cold water, may not seem like a good idea, at first. But, when you look over the intimidating factor, you can see a host of mental, physical, and emotional benefits.  When you take the plunge, you …

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Beginner Mobility Routine

Mobility exercises improve range of motion, and athletic performance, and reduce the risk of joint pain and injury. Whether you’re an active person or want to become one, you may want to add mobility exercises to your routine. How to make it happen? It’s not that difficult, actually. Scroll down to learn more about beginner …

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Dumbbell Pull Exercises – A Comprehensive List

Are you looking to develop total-body strength, expedite weight loss and build maximum muscle mass? Consider doing dumbbell pull exercises. Unlike push exercises, these exercises utilize a pulling movement/motion which engages your upper and lower back, shoulders, posterior chain, forearms, and biceps. The workouts activate the pull muscle groups, which are extremely important for your …

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