Dr. Ahmed Zayed

Dr. Ahmed Zayed holds a bachelor’s degree in medicine from Alexandria university and is a practicing plastic surgeon. He’s our expert on all things nutrition, medicine, rehabilitation, and flexibility. Dr.Ahmed has been a medical content writer for more than 11 years and his work reached top publications such as the HuffingtonPost

Proform Carbon R10 Rower Review

Icon Fitness created a new brand called ProForm, which is also behind well-known brands such as NordicTrack. The company is located in Logan, Utah, United States, and specializes in fitness products such as treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, rowers, strength, and accessories.  “IFIT´ is their own fitness app that syncs with all their machines allowing users to …

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Best Electrolytes For Hiking

Best Electrolytes For Hiking

Exploring the world’s most beautiful spots on foot is amazing, no doubt about it. However, whether you are embarking on a multiple-day trek or merely going on a short hike around where you live, people often underestimate how dehydrated and depleted of electrolytes they can get after a couple of hours of sweating.  When you …

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Best Folding Exercise Bike

Best Folding Exercise Bike

Are you looking for an exercise bike? Is your space limited? Machines like treadmills and ellipticals bring a healthier lifestyle but occupy plenty of room. Having these machines to work out at home or when the weather is bad is great, but some have the luxury of space. At The Fitness Tribe, we understand space …

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The Ultimate Push Day Workout

Choosing the right workout to follow is one of the very first things you must do when you get into health and fitness, but it is also one of the most important as well. After all, while an effective workout can quickly help you attain your goals, choosing poorly can leave you in limbo indefinitely. …

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Thoracic Spine Mobility

The thoracic spine is a crucial element of your back. It’s often the cause of complaints for many athletes and gymgoers. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into what the thoracic spine is, how it works, and how to improve its mobility.   What Is The Thoracic Spine? When it comes to mobility, we …

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Animal Flow Movements List

Flexibility, core strength, and mobility in your shoulders and hips are all factors that you rely on every day. Whether you are simply going about your daily routine and planning to perform a workout session, these are specific elements that contribute to your overall performance. Unfortunately, many people struggle with these factors. The good news …

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Best Postpartum Workout App

When you’re pregnant, your body goes through a number of changes. You may start to notice weight gain during pregnancy. You may also find it difficult to retain your fitness during pregnancy.  Once you give birth, you want to get back to your fitness routine, lose the weight you gained, and feel confident about your …

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Tacfit Flowfit 101 Review

Looking for some innovative fitness programs to burn fat? FlowFit 101 is an excellent movement modality that takes you beyond just burning fat and building muscle. It shows you how to use Flow in your fitness, tap into the movements, and restore innate flow. If you are looking for a standard exercise system – then …

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The Fire Hydrant Workout

Working out plays an important role in your daily schedule, but you need to ensure you introduce adequate versatility to the types of exercises you perform. Even fitness influencers have commented on the important role that diversity plays, which allows you to target a variety of different muscle groups for better balance.  While you already …

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The Benefits Of Rowing Exercises

The Benefits Of Rowing Exercises

Exercise plays an important part in keeping the body healthy and fit. Performing the same exercise everyday, however, can quickly start to feel boring. A rowing machine at home or the gym can add some diversity to your workout routine. They give you access to a full body workout and comes with a number of …

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