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Ashlee Nicholas

Keto Breakfast Treats

10 Sweet Keto Breakfast Treats

I have great news! You can stay loyal to your ketogenic diet AND indulge in sweet breakfast treats. Get your brunch on with these 10 delicious keto friendly recipes that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Do you like pancakes and waffles? What about muffins?  Are you a crepe person?  So basically I’m asking: …

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Still life of various types of sugar

7 Alternative Sweeteners

“Alternative sweeteners” may sound too good to be true (or absolutely disgusting), but we assure you…they do exist (and they’re not gross)! Check out this list of 7 guilt-free sweeteners and how to use them.  The majority of the time when people think of the word “diet”, they are also thinking “uhg! No more sweets …

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