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At Home Lifting Program for Women – Ladies, It’s Time to Get Buff

Where are our ladies?  It’s time to get muscles like Madonna.  Have you seen her biceps?  It’s going to be you in no time at all. 

We are going to explain some strength training that you can add to your home workout plans. 

Now don’t start stressing that you don’t know what program to use or the proper technique.  That is what we are for here at The Fitness Tribe. 

We have done the work for you, so sit back, read and enjoy.  Get excited about those muscles!

What are the benefits of Weightlifting?

How much time do you have?  There are a ton of benefits to weightlifting. 

As we age, it’s crucial for our muscles and our joints.  Let’s go through those benefits.

Lose that Belly Fat

It’s the most challenging weight to lose for most of us.  While everyone carries weight differently, belly fat can be the most detrimental to our health. 

Visceral fat, or the fat deep in our abdominals that wraps around our organs, is dangerous because it also adds to inflammation that can damage our arteries and organs.  Finding a workout program to beat back the visceral fat is what we need. 

While cardio is great for burning calories and fat, some scientists have said that strength training is a better workout for burning belly fat.  When you do a strength training workout, you burn calories and fat, but you are also building muscle mass. 

The more lean muscle mass you have, the more you burn calories when you are at rest.  Pretty cool, huh?  It’s all due to your metabolism.  It works faster when you have more lean muscle.  

So Women Can Lose Weight Lifting Weights?

Women can lose weight by lifting weights and incorporating strength training into their workouts. 

Remember, the more your build lean muscle, the more your metabolism will speed up and burn calories. 

A few things will factor into how much weight loss you will have when strength training. 

For one, your workouts’ intensity matters.  Don’t be afraid to push yourself harder once you get used to a program.  We don’t mean that you should immediately start lifting hefty weights. 

Find a workout plan that works for you and stick with it.  Follow their expert guidance with how heavy you should be going.  Always know your limitations, but challenge yourself once you reach beast mode. 

How will you know you have reached beast mode?  You will know.  Your incredible body composition, natural curves, and attitude will be through the roof.  Holler!

Another thing to consider is how much weight you need to lose.  If you are looking to get muscles and your body fat percentage is already low, lifting weights might help you shed a few pounds. 

However, if you have a higher body fat percentage, you might need to incorporate cardio into your workouts.  The combination of both strength training and cardio will get your weight loss on the Speedy Gonzales train.  That is a real train y’all.

Strength Training Promotes Stronger Bones

For sure you have heard that weight lifting builds muscle mass.  Did you know that it can also help to build our bones too? 

The stress put on your bones during a strength training workout calls your bone-building cells to attention.  Studies have shown that the bones start to grow stronger as you lift weights in a similar fashion to how our muscles grow. 

As we workout, our muscles get tiny tears in them.  When we recover, the muscles heal stronger.  The same thing happens with our bones. 

Over 8 million women in the United States have osteoporosis.  That bone loss can lead to fractures and falls as we age. 

Strength training can tackle that number and limit your bone loss.  Grab that barbell, squat, and rise!

Increase your Flexibility 

Flexibility helps us in our functional fitness.  Think of how often you need to reach for something in a hard-to-reach place.  Having more range of motion helps in almost every aspect of our lives. 

A study published in the National Library of Science studied strength training’s effects on flexibility in women.  Twenty women were split into two groups.  One group was sedentary for ten weeks, and the other group performed weight training. 

In the end, the group that participated in strength training saw noticeable improvements in the flexibility of their horizontal shoulder adduction, trunk flexion, hip extension, hip flexion, and trunk extension.  

Weight Training sounds excellent!  Where do we start?

Yay!  You want to start a home workout plan.  You won’t regret it. 

The key to getting starting is finding a program that works for you and your lifestyle. 

Choose a program and make sure that you have the right equipment at home.  Don’t break the bank and buy every weight training device out there. 

A program should let you know right away what you need, and it shouldn’t be anything more than some dumbbells if you are just getting started.  Remember, bodyweight exercises have huge impacts, so many programs will incorporate that too.  

Kettlebell 10 Week Program - Hybrid Athlete Kettlebell 10 Week Program - Hybrid Athlete

Kettlebell 10 Weeks Program

This program contains our famous Kettlebell 1.0 and 2.0 programs. It will take you on a journey from beginner to intermediate or advanced in a period of 10 weeks, using only one or two kettlebells.

  • Skill level: Beginner and Intermediate
  • Format: PDF
  • 10-week program: 3 workouts each week for the first 4 weeks, then 4 workouts each week for the last 6 weeks
  • Workouts vary in length from 25-60 minutes
  • Requires at least one kettlebell in the range of 15lb to 25lb. It can be helpful to have two kettlebells, one lighter and one heavier for different exercises. A yoga or exercise mat is also recommended
  • Free Bonus: Intro to Nutrition and Healthy Eating
  • Links to video explanations for individual exercises.
  • Mobile and Desktop versions available
  • Printable PDF workout calendar

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Schedule your workouts.  It might sound silly, but the simple task of writing down “workout” in  your diary or calendar, will motivate you to do it.  Create a training plan and make time for you and your health. 

We only get one body, and we need to take care of it.  Also, don’t delay.  Sign up for a program and get started right away.  If you keep putting it off, you will never begin. 

Finally, keep yourself motivated in whatever way works for you.  Motivation wears off, and we usually hit a wall telling us to go back and not change. 

Change is hard, but you can do it.  Once you get through the challenging part, it becomes a routine.  That’s when your workout is a priority, and those strength training exercises produce results.

How to pick a Weight Lifting Program

There are a lot of programs out there.  When you are doing your research, make sure you focus on what equipment is needed and if you have it available to you in your home. 

Take into account your weight lifting goals.  What are you striving to accomplish with your weight-lifting workout?  Do you want to lose weight?  Are you just looking to gain muscle mass? 

Figure out what you want to get out of the program.  Keep in mind that a weight lifting program can only do so much.  Your diet might have to change as well. 

Start eating healthier to see those results. 

Be careful not to choose a program that is for advanced weight lifters if you are just beginning.  There is nothing wrong with knowing your limits.  That keeps you from being injured. 

Pick a training program that takes safety seriously by continually checking your form and technique.  

Do you need weights at home to do this?

While a good pair of dumbbells will help you be successful in your strength training, don’t get discouraged if you don’t have any. 

Weights can be expensive, so you might want to get started on your weight lifting program with some alternatives before buying lots of weights. 

The good news is that you can use some household products.  Try out some of the items below.

  • Large bottles of milk
  • Bottles filled with water
  • A backpack filled with heavy items
  • A large bag of pet food
  • A potato bag filled with potatoes

Any of these options will work as you start with weight training.  Once you are rocking the house with your workouts, give yourself an upgrade.

How quickly will you see results?

Remember those jeans that have been sitting in your drawer because you just knew one day they would fit again?  That day is here, ladies.  Can I get a hell yes? 

Honestly, results will vary from person to person, but you will see them if you stick to your workout. 

Usually, the first thing women notice is that they feel the results before they see them.  You know what we mean.  Your body starts to feel slimmer and leaner.  Do not disregard this.  It is progress! 

Your body is letting you feel the positives of weight lifting.  Celebrate it.  

High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT programs tend to see quicker results.  Mixing the cardio with the weight training is a good idea.  That interval training jump starts the body, and results flow in faster. 

Doing these workouts for more extended periods will show you results.

Of course, people who already have lean muscle mass will see results quicker than those who do not. 

However, on average, most women see results from their weight training workout after about two to four weeks.  Give it a month, ladies, and start flaunting those muscles.

How heavy should your weights be to start?

Are you picturing yourself bench pressing your weight while people cheer for you?  Calm down, ladies.  Those goals are fantastic, but if you are just starting, let’s start a little lighter. 

The recommendation is to start with two weights that are a max of 10 pounds.  Try not to exceed 10 pounds to start because you don’t want to risk injury. 

Remember, it is more important for your workout that you are getting your technique correct first.  Once you have been lifting for a while, go ahead and move up in your weights.  

Best At Home Lifting Program

While there is no “best” program because everyone is different, we wanted to break down a weight training example program that rocks. 

This program has workouts seven days per week so get ready to work. 

We have everything you need for your home workout right below.  Check it out!


You’ve heard the phrase “never skip a Monday” and we can definitely vouch for that.  Monday starts our week.  Well, technically Sunday starts the week, but you know what we mean.  Get your week started off right and here’s how.

Warm-up with some skipping.  Then get right to it.  Follow that up with lunges, running, planks, crunches, push-ups (pick your favorite style), and burpees (everyone’s favorite). 

This interval training is intense, but you are going to see results quickly with a Monday like this.


If you’re sore from Monday, let’s get that blood flowing. 

After your warm-up, you will be doing some high knee running, lying leg raises, supermans (lift your arms and legs at the same time while lying on your stomach), bicycle crunches, and sumo squats.  You’ve got that cardio with the high knees and then lots of core and leg work. 

This interval format is really kicking.


It’s day three and you might be feeling sore and fatigued. 

Don’t let that stop you from your workout.  This is for your health and it’s important.  You wrote this workout down so let’s do it.  Today is simple. 

Warm-up and then sprint or jog.  Not too bad, right?  Get it done.


We’re back to some weight training today. 

After your warm-up full of skipping, it’s time for running, lying leg raises, sump squats, and lunges.  You are already feeling healthier and stronger.  There’s nothing stopping you now.


It’s Friday!!!!!  Can I get a whoop whoop?  You made it this far so no giving up now. 

Keep pushing yourself because you are getting leaner. 

Can you feel it?  Now it’s time to get back to it.  Start out with a jog to warm-up.  Then it’s on to kneeling press-ups, glute bridges, and sumo squats.  You’re not tired of sumo squats, are you? 

These squats are awesome because they work those adductor muscles (inner thighs) as well as all of the other muscles that a normal squat does.  


We know that it’s Saturday, but we have a workout for you again. 

By now, you are starting to feel like this is part of the routine.  Get up, eat breakfast, and then get to work.  The more you workout, the more it becomes part of your schedule. 

Today, start off with your warm-up and then some high knee running, supermans, sumo squats, bicycle crunches, and leg raises. 

Maybe at the end of the day, you can treat yourself because you are entering beast mode.


It’s Sunday.  Go easy. 

The order of the day is light jogging or some yoga.  Don’t go crazy today.

Get that workout in, but go easier on your body.  You have done a lot in your first week and you deserve an easier day. 

Take advantage of it because tomorrow is Monday.  It’s back to action.

Recover, Rinse, Repeat

Recovery is a key ingredient in your workout plan.  We can’t stress this enough. 

Strength training is difficult on your body and you need to make sure you are recovering. 

Your muscles are getting bigger because of tiny muscle tears.  The repairing process takes time. 

If you don’t give your muscles that time to recover, you could injure yourself and then risk all of the hard work you have done to get this far.  That’s why it’s important to not go hard every day. 

Take time in between workouts for your recovery.  Write it down as part of your workout plan if you need to.  Whatever it takes.  Cue Imagine Dragons.

Women – Rise Up

Ladies, it’s your time.  That lean physique is waiting for you. 

Weight training is at your fingertips and it’s time for you to try it.  There are so many benefits beyond just that awesome physique. 

Stronger bones, greater flexibility, and weight loss are all part of the awesome sauce that is weight training. 

All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me!  That’s right.  Channel some Destiny’s Child and jam it out.

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Kristen holds a bachelors in English from Louisianna university. With a longstanding passion for fitness, she owns and operate her own gym and is a certified jazzercise instructor.

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