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Anti-Aging Workout – Slow Down the Aging Process with Exercise

You read that title right, people.  There are anti-aging workouts that slow down the aging process.  Are you intrigued? 

We were, so we researched the aging process and found some of the best anti-aging workouts. 

You can increase muscle mass and look younger with the workouts we will discuss. 

Grab your collagen protein shake and let’s take a peek.

Science Says It All

Before you start doubting us, several studies have looked at exercise and its effects on the aging process. 

One paper in particular reported that not only is exercise beneficial for your lifestyle to stay fit and active as you age, but it actually slows down the aging process. 

For one thing, we lose muscle tissue as we age.  However, studies show that muscle loss can be reduced with regular strength training and aerobic exercise. 

Our overall strength suffers as we age as well and resistance training can prevent that from happening as quickly.  While exercise doesn’t reverse the aging process, it definitely slows it down and keeps your heart healthy.  We are signing up for all of that!

The length of our telomeres shortens as we age.  The who now?  Telomeres are the caps found on the end of chromosomes. 

As we age, the cells within the telomeres divide again and again.  Because of this, the telomere shortens.  In time, they reach a critical juncture and shrink and die. 

While aging is inevitable, studies have shown that exercise promotes telomeres to lengthen in size, which slows down the cells shrinking and dying. 

All of this leads to anti-aging measures!

Best Anti-Aging Workout

The votes are in and the best anti-aging workout is aerobic activities

Anything that gets the heart pumping will work to slow the aging process and give you a boost to your step.  That can be anything from biking to swimming to running to a dance fitness workout like Jazzercise to HIIT (high intensity interval training). 

It comes down to cells.  As we age, cells in our body shrink and die.  When we exercise, it gives those cells a boost and they replicate, which slows the effects of aging. 

In addition to that, exercise boosts the immune system and prevents heart disease and diabetes. 

As we age, our immune system gets weaker so exercise is a perfect way to boost it.  Plus, a serious illness can prevent us from moving and exercising as we would like. 

By preventing diseases, we can get ahead of aging and smack it down!

What about Skin?

It’s all the rage, isn’t it?  There are skin creams galore that promise younger, healthier-looking skin. 

The skin ages quickly as we get older especially if we are out in the sun a lot. 

Those fine lines and wrinkles sometimes seem to appear overnight. 

It’s just unfair.  Can exercise help to prevent the effects of aging?  The answer is yes.  As we age, our collagen production decreases. 

Collagen is a protein that is the main component of connective tissues throughout your body.  It’s responsible for healthy joints and skin.  Because it decreases with time, our skin starts to look older. 

With regular aerobic exercises like HIIT training or running, collagen production increases, which helps our muscles and joints and our skin look and feel better. 

Are you currently running in place now while reading this article?  We are too.

Is Strength Training Good for Anti-Aging?

We talked about aerobics training being excellent for anti-aging, but what about strength training? 

While it’s not as good as aerobics for anti-aging, it does help from a different standpoint.  As we age, we get weaker. 

Muscle mass and our joints start to break down. 

The best way to slow that process is to add some resistance training to our fitness routines. 

Strength training also promotes stronger bones too.  It causes the cells in our bones to replicate, promoting better bone density. 

All of that combined helps prevent things like osteoporosis.  Plus, we look ripped, and that is always fun!

Final Thoughts

Exercise is excellent for you from every side of the equation. 

From improving overall health to slowing the aging process, exercise is here to guide you to a long, healthy life. 

While it won’t reverse the aging process, it will ensure it slows it down and gets those cells replicating to help you feel and look younger. 

Throw away all of those anti-aging creams and start working out. 

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Kristen holds a bachelors in English from Louisianna university. With a longstanding passion for fitness, she owns and operate her own gym and is a certified jazzercise instructor.

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