An In-Depth Sondre Berg Calisthenics App Review

While people looking to get an edge and advance their training in the world of fitness used to have to rely on personal trainers or fitness videos, dedicated apps are increasingly becoming the most popular way to progress.

This is especially true in the world of calisthenics, as the handheld, portable functionality of an app aligns perfectly with the anywhere, anytime nature of the activity. The question is, once you’ve decided you want to purchase a calisthenics app, how do you know which one to choose?

With a huge amount of competition in that market at the moment, it can be hard for people to know the good calisthenics apps from the bad. Often, apps promoted by celebrities will gain popularity, even if they aren’t effective, while the more effective ones without big backing fly under the radar.

Sometimes though, a fitness app can be both. With the Sondre Berg Calisthenics app, you have an app that has a public figure as its face but that has also been created by a pro athlete.

So, is it really an app that is popular for all the right reasons? That is exactly what we aim to establish in the following in-depth Sondre Berg Calisthenics App review.

Who Is Sondre Berg?

Sondre Berg is a professional calisthenics athlete who first got into fitness in 2011. Having always been self-conscious about his physique, he decided he wanted to make a big change and, after doing extensive research, he came to the conclusion that calisthenics was the best way to hit his goals.

Fast forward more than a decade and not only is his physique something that he is extremely proud of, but it is also envied by fitness enthusiasts around the globe.

This encouraged him to take the various calisthenics programs he had used through the years and build a routine that would help people trying to replicate his incredible results. 

What Is The Sondre Berg Calisthenics App?

The Sondre Berg Calisthenics App is an app that Sondre Berg had developed as a way to deliver the workouts he had created to his followers. It works as a virtual coaching tool and gives you access to a huge range of calisthenics workouts and programs from a phone, computer, or most smart devices. 

The app interface is very user friendly and focuses on giving a personal experience. Each program is carefully tailored to the user based on the questions you answer when signing up, to ensure that the routine you follow focuses on your current ability level, as well as any limitations you may have. 

The app also takes both your goals and needs into account, to make sure it knows just what you aim to achieve with your calisthenics workout routines, giving you the best chance of hitting these goals. 

Sondre Berg Calisthenics App Features: How Does It Work?

One of the top features of the app that many people praise is its clean, minimalistic interface. Many fitness apps out there can be confusing and hard to navigate, but Sondre Berg intentionally decided to keep his simple, basic, and easy to use, while still giving you access to various powerful functions. 

The app has a series of modules to follow that gradually go up in intensity as you progress through your personal calisthenics program. You then have standalone workouts, which are ideal if you want a quick session or to give calisthenics a try but aren’t ready to commit to a full program.

The workouts all use video demonstrations to make sure you know how to do each move perfectly. You also have test and progression days, where your performance and development is analysed, so that the current plan can be tweaked based on your progress, to ensure it keeps being effective. 

The schedule function gives you the ability to easily integrate each of the workouts into your daily routine, to make sure you never have to miss a session. You can even adjust the times at which the app sends you a reminder notification, to give you complete control over your life and training. 

Workout Variety & Customisation

There is an incredible range of variety in the workouts offered on the app, and these are split up by both intensity and ability level. For example, you could get a high intensity beginner workout or a low intensity advanced session. These levels are calculated by the exercises, reps, and sets involved.

While there is a large number of programmed workouts to begin with, the inclusion of customised workouts and multiple progression days means the opportunities are virtually endless. This goes for both the longer workout schedules and the standalone workouts.

Functionality & Navigation

Navigation of the app is very straightforward. Programs can be selected either independently, or by following the recommendations it puts forward, which are based on your stated goals.

During workouts, you can also move quickly and easily between sets and exercises simply by swiping, meaning there is no time lost trying to progress through the exercise.

The functionality of the app then makes it equally as simple to track your progress and see how workouts are progressing, both during and after the session itself.

Pricing & Access Details

There is only one subscription plan on the Sondre Berg App, which gives you complete access to all of the features that it offers. There are, however, different subscription lengths, which provide discounts for longer term users.

The plans start with a basic $19.99 per month option, which doesn’t have any fixed term and can be cancelled at any time.

You then have a six month subscription option which costs $99.99, essentially giving you a month free, and a one year subscription for $159.99, which works out at a 33% discount when compared to the monthly rate. 

There is also a seven day free trial offer that gives you the chance to try out all of the app’s features, without any risk. You will require a credit card to use this option, but you can cancel it at any point during the seven days and won’t be charged if you are unhappy with any of the features, or lack of.

Are There Any Drawbacks To The Sondre Berg Calisthenics App?

The main drawback to the Sondre Berg app is that, when compared to some other fitness apps of a similar nature, some may find the subscriptions to be a bit on the pricey side. However, most would still agree that it is able to offer value regardless, due to the significant amount of content it offers. 

The fact that you have to be connected to the internet at all times is, however, an issue that can’t be overlooked, as it means you cannot use it in an area with poor signal or if you are out of data.

Some may even say that not all devices being compatible is an issue. However, it is able to be used on the vast majority of devices and this is a problem many apps have, so shouldn’t be a big concern.

Sondre Berg Calisthenics App Pros & Cons

Before we move on, let’s quickly sum up the Sondre Berg Calisthenics App pros and cons, to make sure all of the selling points and drawbacks of the product are fresh in your mind when it comes time to making a decision on whether or not to purchase it.


  • Offers an incredible range of workouts
  • Clear paths are laid out to help you reach your goal
  • Navigation around the app is very straightforward, both in and out of workouts
  • Provides a high level of customisation
  • All workouts and theories are based on techniques tried and tested by a pro calisthenics athlete


  • More expensive than many other apps of a similar nature
  • Some people have reported connectivity issues
  • It isn’t compatible with all devices and there are suggestions the interface is a bit too basic

Alternatives To The Sondre Berg Calisthenics App

The Sondre Berg Calisthenics App is a great product that will be able to help the vast majority of people looking to train using calisthenics to achieve their goals. However, for one reason or another, it won’t be suitable for everyone.

With that in mind, we will now take a look at the very best alternatives to the Sondre Berg Calisthenics App currently on the market.

The Movement Athlete

The Movement Athlete app provides online training programs through a subscription service and is available on most smart devices. It has calisthenics information and programs dedicated to boosting your health and strength using bodyweight exercises and has options for people of all ability levels.

The routines can easily be downloaded to your device, so you can follow them anywhere and at any time, which is assisted by alarms and reminders, as well as an online community to keep you motivated and accountable at all times.

All the routines are fully customised from a range of over 100 different calisthenics exercises, based on things like a user’s age, fitness and ability levels, goals, gender, height and weight, and certain other factors, and are fully tested to ensure that they can help you achieve your goals.

Everything can be adapted and advanced, to make sure you never stop progressing, and you have access to qualified trainers to help you do just that. You will also need only minimal equipment to complete all of the routines on the app in their entirety.

Six subscription options mean there is a choice for people of all budgets. This includes a monthly option billed at either $6.30 a week or $24.97 a month, a quarterly option charged at $4.00 a week or $47.00 a quarter, and a yearly option, which costs at $3.70 a week or $157.00 a year.

Cali Move

The Cali Move app is divided into basic, pro, and elite sections, to clearly provide routines and workouts that are effective for your own ability level. Each section can be bought on its own for between 90 and 100 dollars, or you can buy all 3 for 230 dollars, saving you nearly 20%.

Each section runs for 30 to 40 weeks, so beginners who follow the app’s roadmap from start to end will go through a complete, 2 year, full body transformation. Each section has 5 phases and contains workouts that use various training styles and last 15 to 90 minutes, plus test and training weeks.

During the program, you will use bodybuilding, body weight, and calisthenic exercises, which will combine to help you build size, strength, core stability, and overall fitness. The plan will require you to train between 3 and 6 times each week and will produce noticeable results within 6 months.

Cali Move emphasises fun workouts that don’t need gym equipment to complete, making them an especially good choice for beginners or people who struggle to stay motivated. You also get lifetime access to all present and future content, so you have unlimited opportunity to continue progressing.

In addition to the app, you will also get access to the dedicated Cali Move calisthenics YouTube channel, which hosts instructional videos by experienced fitness trainers and presenters, as well as a downloadable PDF and advanced tutorials for exercises like splits, handstand presses, and v-sits.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) About The Sondre Berg Calisthenics App

Before we conclude our in depth Sondre Berg Calisthenics App review, I want to answer some of the most frequently asked questions people have about it. This will ensure no one is left with any doubts and everyone can determine whether or not it is the right calisthenics app for them.

Is The Sondre Berg Calisthenics App Beginner Friendly?

The Sondre Berg Calisthenics App is specifically designed to be used by people of all ability levels and, as a result, it is very beginner friendly.

From navigating the app itself and questionnaires to make sure the programs you do are right for you to routines beginning by developing core strength to prepare you for what is to come, there is no reason why even the most inexperienced people shouldn’t be able to use the Sondre Berg app.

Is Sondre Berg reliable?

Not only does Sondre Berg have an incredible physique and a great track record when performing in professional calisthenics events, but there is physical evidence that shows where he started, the techniques he used to progress, and how long it took to do so.

This makes Sondre Berg an incredibly reliable source that you can trust to guide you through your fitness journey.

Do They Offer A Free Trial?

Yes, all prospective clients are offered a free seven day trial that gives them complete access to all of the app’s features. While a credit or debit card is required for the trail, you can cancel at any time and for any reason during this period to not be charged.

How Do You Select A Program?

The best way to pick a program is to take the quiz in the app. This will find out all of your personal details and intended goals and suggest the program it feels is most suitable for you. However, if you are not a fan of the workout the app selects, you are welcome to scroll through and pick your own.

What Are The Differences Between Workouts?

The workouts vary in intensity, length, intent, and the difficulty of the exercises that they include. There are also workouts designed to be completed as a standalone, as well as those intended to be completed as part of a longer routine. Using the right one is imperative if you want to hit your goals.

How Do You Change Progressions?

In every workout, there is an arrow that allows you to see all of its possible progressions. With all progressions listed in order of difficulty and including clear instructions to explain how they are done, it is extremely easy to select the progression you feel best suits your need and goals.

Can You Skip Progressions?

If you feel that a progression is too easy for you, to the point that it is ineffective, you are welcome to skip to the next one. Simply follow the steps in the question above to select a progression that you feel is more suitable, based on your current ability level.

Final Thoughts On The Sondre Berg Calisthenics App

The Sondre Berg Calisthenics App is a great choice for people of all abilities who are looking for a trustworthy source to help them hit their fitness goals by using bodyweight exercises. Sure, there are drawbacks like a high price and some connectivity issues, but what app is without any issues?

If you don’t want to base your training solely around the app, it can still be a useful tool to use when travelling, to supplement your own workouts or other calisthenics programs you are already doing.

Even if you still aren’t completely sold on it, despite our recommendations, the seven day free trial means you have nothing to lose by giving it a try for yourself. That means, the only question left to answer is, what are you waiting for?

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