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Alpha Progression Review

The Alpha Progression Gym Tracker is a digital fitness tracker that helps users track their workout progress. 

What sets it apart from other apps? 

It allows users to log their weight and reps, set goals, and track their progress over time. This solid workout app also provides users personalised workout plans and tips to help them reach their goals.

This Alpha Progression review will discuss its features, pros and cons, and what other users have to say about what is considered the best muscle-building app.

Alpha Progression App: What Are Its Key Features?

The Alpha Progression app can provide custom workout plans, plenty of input combinations, and ways to track your progress. The Alpha Progression app is a custom workout plan generator that has the following features:

  • Creates muscle-building plans tailored to the user’s needs, equipment availability, and muscle focus. 
  • Offers over 1,000 quadrillion input combinations for plan creation, based on the latest exercise science. 
  • Lets users get recommendations for weight and reps for long-term progression and performance analysis, as well as charts for tracking progress in exercises, muscles, training data, measurements, and body fat percentage. 
  • Exercise evaluations also provide information on the range of motion and stability for muscle-building optimization. 
  • The app offers periodization, RIR tracking, and deload scheduling for advanced athletes to manage fatigue and accelerate muscle building. 
  • $59.99 annually or $9.99 monthly, and a 14-day trial is available in botH. 
  • There is also an active Facebook group for users to connect and discuss.

Alpha Progression Pros:

Below are some of the advantages of using the Alpha Progression app.

AI Based Workouts

Alpha Progression allows users to create automated and personalised workouts based on their goals and preferences. This saves time and effort compared to manually constructing and tracking your own workouts.

Available on All Platforms

Alpha Progression is available on all major platforms, so users can access their workouts wherever they are.

User Experience

Alpha Progression has a modern and intuitive user interface, which makes it easy for users to navigate and find the information they need.

Logging and Tracking

Alpha Progression allows users to easily log and track their workouts, which helps them understand their progress and measure their success.

Exercise Guidance

Alpha Progression provides users with detailed guidance and tips on how to properly perform exercises, so they can ensure they are doing them correctly and safely. 

Huge Exercise Database

Alpha Progression provides users with an extensive database of exercises, so they can find the ones that best suit their goals and preferences.

No Ads, Even for Free Users

Alpha Progression does not have any ads, even for free users, which makes it a pleasant experience for users.

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Alpha Progression Gym Tracker Alpha Progression Gym Tracker
  • Custom training plans based on: Muscles to focus, training sessions per week, time available per session
  • Long term tracking and charting
  • Periodize your training plans, track RIR, and schedule deloads
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Alpha Progression Cons:

Not all is good with the Alpha Progression app. What are some of the disadvantages of using the Alpha Progression muscle-building app?

Lacking in Cardio and Flexibility Exercises Plan Generator

One major drawback is that Alpha Progression lacks any cardio or flexibility exercises, unlike a typical flexibility workout app or calisthenics app

A lot of people are into cardio and mobility workouts nowadays, primarily because of the many benefits associated with cardio and flexibility training. To have a purely strength training workout app or strength-specific workout programming that discards non-anaerobic workouts is a no-no. 

Moreover, a lack of cardio and flexibility exercise videos can be an issue for users looking for a more comprehensive workout program. Without these types of exercises, users are missing out on key components of a healthy fitness routine and custom training plans that incorporate cardio and flexibility.

Cannot Add Pictures/Videos to Exercises Created in the Workout App

Another issue with the Alpha Progression plan generator is that it does not allow users to add pictures or videos to exercises they have created. This can be a problem when users are trying to learn new exercises or need to review the correct form for an exercise. 

The ability to add photos and videos is also critical in:

  • Preparing for volume muscles reps type of training
  • Improving traditional strength training exercises
  • Knowing how many reps per set
  • Estimating how much weight to put on next time.

Without pictures or videos, users may find it difficult to understand how to correctly perform the exercise. This can, of course, lead to injury or to avoiding the workout altogether.

Who and What is the Alpha Progression Strength Training App Best for?

Who would benefit the most from using Alpha Progression as a personal trainer or to generate workout plans based on their level of fitness? What makes this a great app to exercise effectively or quickly find suitable exercises? 

As we discussed, Alpha Progression is an app designed to help weight lifters and gym goers build muscle and achieve hypertrophy. It is designed for users of all different fitness and experience levels. The app has a number of features that make it an ideal choice for those looking to build muscle and improve their overall fitness. 

One of the Best Fitness Apps for Weight Lifters and Gym Goers

Alpha Progression is an ideal program for weight lifters and gym goers looking to reach their peak performance. 

It offers customised training plans and helps users achieve goals through a scientifically based approach. Most importantly, it provides a personalised plan and sets goals that are achievable and measurable, especially when you purchase the pro version.

For instance, it can help you measure your personal bench press performance for strength training purposes or if you’re ready for more progressive overload. Even something as simple as knowing how many reps is ideal for your goals is also part of this personal trainer app.

Alpha Progression assesses your current fitness level and creates a plan to help you reach your long-term fitness goals. It also focuses on nutrition, recovery, and supplementation to ensure you’re getting the most out of your own workout plans.

The program also provides personalised support and accountability. After all, don’t we all need someone to hold us accountable? 

It has a dedicated support team that works with the user to help them maintain their progress and reach their short and long-term fitness goals. The team will also provide feedback, advice, and encouragement to keep you motivated and on the right track. 

Best App for Hypertrophy

Alpha Progression is a great hypertrophy strength training app because it provides an efficient and effective way to track your progress and keep you motivated. It’s also a great app because it allows you to track your reps, sets, weight, rest, and other metrics to help you get the most out of your workouts, like progression recommendations.

Moreover, Alpha Progression has an intuitive design that makes it easy to use, as well as a variety of exercises to help you target different muscle groups.

Finally, Alpha Progression has a built-in reminder system that will help you stay on track and keep up with your workouts. All of these features make Alpha Progression an ideal tool for those looking to build muscle and get stronger.

Best Fitness App for Users of Various Fitness Levels and Experiences

Whether you’re new, a seasoned lifter, or if you’re one of those casual fitness enthusiasts, Alpha Progression is a versatile and effective workout program suitable for all experience and fitness levels. 

  • The intelligent algorithm creates workouts that are tailored to your specific needs and goals. 
  • The program is designed to be easy to follow, allowing both beginners and more experienced athletes to progress at their own pace. 
  • It’s the best app when you want something that guarantees long term progression. 
  • It also offers a wide range of exercises, allowing users to focus on their individual strengths and weaknesses, and target different muscle groups. 
  • The program also offers a full-body approach to fitness, allowing you to receive a balanced workout without the need for extensive equipment or knowledge. 

With the ability to adjust the intensity, duration, and type of exercises, Alpha Progression is an ideal program for any experience level.

What Do Customers Say About Alpha Progression?

Here’s a summary of the most talked about points about the app:


The Alpha Progression Gym Tracker is a highly customizable fitness tracking app that allows users to monitor their progress, set goals, and track workouts with no paper needed anymore.

As many reviews noted, the app’s functionality and completely customizable nature allow users of any fitness level to add their own exercises in addition to the vast amount of existing exercises already present. 

With the tracking feature, users can even track warm-ups and compare results from previous workouts. Also, the app provides explanations for a variety of muscles and gym equipment.

User Experience

The app feels like real coaching clients. 

On top of beating personal records or tracking the number of sets you need to improve past workouts, the algorithm analyzes your performance, provides progression recommendations, and is just a science-based game changer compared to other fitness apps or CrossFit WOD apps.

Customers have also noted that the app has a very good layout with an amazing UI and UX, and the development team is continuously working to make improvements for more advanced settings. It also records your last workout info and has a timer with audio.

While interfacing does take a practice run to get used to setting up, users have had great success with the app and seen great progress with it.

Support and Assistance

Customer support is said to work well, with live chat. It also offers customer service for any questions regarding anything from the app itself to billing, and an extensive FAQ list.

Lack of Ads

Users have commented that the free version is free of ads, making it a huge positive for users who don’t like to be bombarded with ads when all they want is to get optimal gains. The lack of ads also allows users to focus more on the app and its features, rather than on the ads that could possibly distract them.

However, some users also note that they’re more likely to get the pro version because of the features it offers.

Better Than Other Science Based Fitness Apps

Alpha Progression is a fitness app that stands out from the competition thanks to its ease of use and customization. It is easier to navigate and user-friendly compared to other workout apps, and the features are more grounded and less randomized. It is also simple to use and customize compared to competitors.

Drawbacks According to Users

As mentioned earlier, the app is by no means flawless. The most noteworthy is how it has a steep learning curve. 

Steep Learning Curve

Some users have noted that the app has a steep learning curve at the beginning. There are a lot of features to make the most out of the app. For example, users must set up their goals, create a workout plan, log their workouts and enter nutrition information in order to use the app to its fullest.

That can be challenging if you’re new to fitness apps in general and not familiar with the features.

Other negative feedback from customers include the following:

  • A lack of personalized levels of difficulty
  • No cardio or stretching exercises available
  • Inability to add pictures/videos to exercises created
  • Difficulty navigating the app initially
  • Lack of a weight calculator
  • No tutorial
  • Occasional typing cutoff
  • Inability to change supersets during a workout
  • Text entry lags when searching for exercises
  • No categories for cardio exercises or stretches. 
  • Some exercises are not included in the video list.


To put it simply, Alpha Progression is the ultimate program for weight lifters and gym goers looking to take their fitness to the next level. 

With customised training plans and a scientifically based approach, this app helps users reach their goals with ease. Plus, it offers personalised support, an intuitive design, and a vast selection of exercises. Best of all, customers have reported amazing results and have praised its functionality and user experience. 

In short, Alpha Progression is the key to unlocking your peak performance.

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