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It’s All in the Alo: Alo Moves Review

Yoga has become one of the fastest-growing areas of workout and strength training programs throughout the last decade. There are dozens of different companies, streaming services, and coaches that offer a unique brand of workout.

Alo, which started as a yoga clothing company, has transformed itself and made itself a catch-all for anyone who wants to get into yoga beyond just clothes. There are plenty of great benefits when it comes to jumping in with Alo Moves!

What are Alo Moves?

Alo has been a staple of the yoga community for years and Alo Moves is the brands streaming service. When you purchase a membership to Alo Moves you get unlimited access to the yoga, fitness, and meditation classes. All of the classes are led by professional instructors who push you to be your best.

With the current pandemic, yoga studies have remained closed and coaches and brands are looking for tons of ways to stay connected to their clients and offer classes. Alo offers excellent at-home workouts streaming right to your TV or computer. By connecting with clients in their own homes, Alo has found a way to keep people moving without risking the virus at their local studio.

In addition to the yoga classes that made Alo great, they offer a whole assortment of different workouts and techniques that you can switch up and use in your next sweat session at home. The membership for Alo Moves is simple and straightforward. For $20 a month you’ll get unlimited access to all of the video classes that are available on the platform.

Unlimited yoga, fitness, and meditation for $20/month or $199/year.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you want to step up your routine, get the full studio experience at home with thousands of classes for body, mind, and spirit.

The classes range from beginner to advanced in a variety of techniques. You can start with your membership by trying the service for 14 days free.

When you start comparing different services and classes, the membership with Alo Moves ranks as one of the most affordable. If you sign up for an annual membership, you’ll cut the cost from the regular $199 to just $99 for the whole year.

Drop-in classes in popular places like New York City can range from $15-$20 for just one class! ClassPass, another streaming service, is $49 per month for the same level of access.

For so many different streaming platforms, you’re limited in the number of classes and techniques you have access to. Alo Moves offers you plenty of options with thousands of different workouts and progressions. New courses are dropped each week by the Alo team so the number of classes is always changing!

The entry-level classes are very beginner-friendly! They’ll keep you working hard and you’ll be able to progress through each of the classes and workout styles. There are several beginner-level series that have you sweating plenty.

Classes are all taught by world-class coaches! Each teaching style is unique but the coaches are not intimidating at all for anyone who’s just getting started. Coaches make themselves accessible for anyone who wants to learn a new technique or get started in a whole new level of workout. There are even classes that give you just a boost of movement so you can get back to your day.

All in all, the Alo Moves streaming platform makes a great option for anyone looking to get started with a new workout or progress in their current one. There are thousands of different classes in several different genres so you have your choice of workout routine.

Alo Moves Yoga

The signature set of the Alo Moves program is the yoga set!

Whether this is the first time you’ve decided to try yoga or your 900th time getting out of the old mat, you’ll find something to challenge yourself with Alo Moves Yoga.

There are several different sections of Alo Moves Yoga that you can choose from. Pick up Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Pre-Natal, or kids Yoga and you can progress through all of the classes until you reach an advanced level. Try out several different classes with different instructors until you find a program you like.

Even if yoga isn’t your first choice for a workout, there are programs you can use for cross-training and relaxing at the end of the day. The stretching and relaxation techniques used for yoga are some of the best even if it’s not your first choice for an intense workout.

You can even select your yoga class based on what you want to focus on like flexibility or even releasing your hamstrings and loosening them up. Between choosing your coach, your focus area, and your time frame, you’ll have the pick of the classes and be able to create your workout plan to help reach your health and fitness goals.

Alo Moves Fitness

With the first launch of Alo Moves, the focus was all on yoga. In recent years, to stay relevant and continue offering customers what they need to reach their fitness goals, Alo Moves launched another type of fitness program.

Alo Moves now offers classes in strength training, HIIT, barre classes, pilates, core, and stretching.

These are all offered as basic classes but you can jump up the intensity if you’re interested in making it a bit harder with each workout. You’ll be able to check out classes like power sculpt, power barre, cross-training, Bootcamp, and conditioning classes. Each of these types of classes offers a variety of progressions so even if you’ve never worked out like this before, you can learn all the techniques before leveling it up a notch.

Choose your favorite coach, your favorite technique, and mix it up now and then to make your muscles work hard for you the next time you hit the gym. Whatever area of your body you decide to concentrate on, you’ll be able to set up classes that will push you to grow. You can choose to focus on your core, legs, arms, or do a whole body workout with different instructors to teach you something new each time you power up the program.

Alo Moves Meditation

Meditation can be hard to get into when you haven’t done it before and having some coaching is one of the easiest ways to learn.

You’ll be able to learn all the techniques from breathing to the way you’ll want to hold your body before you’re on your own to meditate alone.

Alo Moves offers plenty of different meditation classes with a whole host of coaches. They’ll walk you through the process of meditation so you can strike out on your own when the time is right! The classes with Alo Moves set the mood for meditation so you can be in the right frame of mind before you even attempt the process.

There aren’t as many meditation videos available on the platform but you’ll be able to easily switch things up and get in a little meditation before or after your workout. This is a great way to calm down or put yourself in a whole new frame of mind before you carry on with your day!

Programs Similar to Alo Moves

Staying fit when you can’t head out to your local gym or yoga study can be a challenge. There are already plenty of distractions when you go out of your house that makes it hard to focus on your health and fitness.

Doing your workout at home can leave you doing laundry rather than leg lifts. Alo Moves isn’t the only streaming service that’s offering a wide range of workout plans!

If the yoga-focused streaming platform isn’t quite your style, there are plenty of others that will help you reach your fitness goals!

Fitbit Premium

Fitbit has been keeping track of your workouts and steps throughout the day for several years. Their wearable tech is a hit with people who want an easy way to keep track of their workout each day.

The Fitbit Premium gives you recommended workouts you can use to create your program. The Fitbit metrics will also keep track of everything from your breathing to your heart rate.

Yoga Wake Up

Starting your day with a workout is a great way to kickstart your day. Instead of relying on a jarring alarm clock, you can wake up to the sounds of yoga and meditation.

Each of the sequences is designed to ease you into wakefulness and allow your body to start with a jolt of energy. This is a great beginner app that gives you the basics of yoga so you can move on to more intense workouts.


Obe, Our Body Electric, is focused on strength, power, dance, and HIIT classes. There are 22 live classes offered each day so you’ll always be able to find a program you’ll enjoy!

There are options for both strength and cardio classes so no matter what your focus may be and how you want to structure your workout, you’ll be able to get the perfect program queued up.

This offers a feature that allows you to work out with up to 7 friends so you can feel like you’re part of a class or build up your community and stay connected.

Peloton Digital

Peloton has made a name for themselves as a stationary bike and treadmill creator but their digital service offers a whole host of different classes through the app.

You can take strength, yoga, meditation, barre, or Pilates classes that push you to your limits. There’s no reason to buy the Peloton either as you can simply download the app and use it through your computer, iPad, or another device.

Asana Rebel

There’s yoga and there’s yoga-inspired fitness! You’ll be able to use Asana Rebel’s program to build up a whole host of regular workouts that have simple yoga elements included.

This is a free app so there’s no investment overhead if you don’t like the classes or elements offered on the app itself. You can put your goals in, track your overall progress and then choose the classes and programs you want.

Each class and program offered lets you choose them based on how much time you want to spend working out or the level of intensity.

Nike Training Club

This is another great option when it comes to a free app that will let you plan your workout. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced workout fanatic, you’ll be able to choose classes that focus on specific areas or time frames.

You can choose bodyweight workouts, strength workouts, cardio, yoga, and even more! Nike is dedicated to helping people reach their fitness goals and you’ll be able to link up your phone or tablet to the app so you can easily track everything you’re doing. Set goals for yourself and watch your progress increase with each workout.


This app starts with just a few simple questions that you’ll answer before you dive into your next favorite yoga class or meditation. This app gives you plenty of yoga classes and guided meditations.

You can do thousands of different workouts on-demand so you’ve always got plenty of choices that will meet your needs. If you’ve got time for a longer cardio session or you just need a short workout that will boost your serotonin, you can choose what works for you.


ROMWOD or Range of Motion Workout of the Day gives you over a thousand different flexibility workouts you can do each day.

There are detailed instructions with each video that help you get the hang of each pose. You’ll be able to boost your mobility with a simple workout for only 20 minutes each day.

Routines and workout programs are swapped out each week so you’ll have the option to try something new each time you log in.


Long workouts can be extremely intimidating if you’re trying to get started with a whole new, at-home workout routine. With the Seven apps, you can start building a new routine in just seven minutes.

All of the challenges each day help you get started with a whole new fitness routine. You can choose between 12 different coaches and instructors that help you get your life on track when it comes to working out.


Alo Moves is a streaming service with thousands of different workout programs and instructors that help you reach your health and fitness goals in no time. Alo started as a yoga clothing company and they’ve recently expanded to offering top classes that help focus your body on getting fit.

The main bulk of the Alo Moves videos are designed around yoga and specific yoga moves but several variations give you a well-rounded whole body workout.

You can focus on yoga, strength, HIIT programs, or barre to hone your body. You can also follow along with guided meditation through Alo Moves to help you relax and get balanced in your life.

Alo Moves is easy for beginners and has dozens of progressions for anyone who might be more advanced. If Alo Moves isn’t quite to your style and fitness level, you can opt for any of the other apps and programs available on the market. Try out Peloton, FitBit, or Nike to get a well-rounded workout done each day.

Getting started with a new workout routine can be hard but when you’ve got a whole community at your fingertips, ready and waiting to help you get started, there’s nothing you can’t conquer.

Unlimited yoga, fitness, and meditation for $20/month or $199/year.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you want to step up your routine, get the full studio experience at home with thousands of classes for body, mind, and spirit.

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