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about us

The Fitness Tribe is a team of health and fitness enthusiasts who are passionate about teaching others how to live healthy and happy lives. TheFitnessTribe.com was created to serve as a guide to all things related to fitness training, healthy eating, and personal development. Our goal is to provide actionable information on these topics that can help people become the best versions of themselves.

More on our philosophy:


Movement that works. We don’t think it’s very practical for most people to bench 300 pounds or have huge muscles. We like to focus on functional fitness that can help you move better and stay pain-free. Yoga is a huge part of this.


Healthy food choices backed by the latest science and research. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the endless amount of conflicting information about food. We do our best to stay current on all the latest research so we can provide you with quality information on what you should and should not be eating.

Personal Development

We all have aspirations. The difficult part is figuring out how to achieve the goals we desire. We believe that personal development goes hand in hand with fitness and eating well. It’s much more difficult to reach your goals if your body and mind are not functioning well. Setting goals, executing your plans, staying disciplined with good habits, these are all areas we like to focus on to help our followers.

Product Recommendations

We know there are a ton of products out there that can help people. Through our research we like to recommend products including gear, fitness accessories, and supplements that we believe to be good. Though we don’t personally test everything, we do detailed research and will not recommend something we wouldn’t be willing to use ourselves.

In summary, we take a “whole life” approach to health and fitness. Also, we know the journey to a happy and healthy life should not be done alone. We hope to inspire our readers and build a community, a Tribe that is trusted as a respected source of wellness information.

Our Team

Brandon Nicholas


A fitness enthusiast with a knack for calisthenics, Brandon hails from Washington.
He founded thefitnesstribe.com since 2016 and is a NASM certified personal trainer

Ashlee Nicholas


Ashlee is the co-founder  and manager of thefitnesstribe.com
She is responsible for publishing articles and answering all your questions.
Her background is in social work, though she has been working full-time in fitness since 2019.

Amanda A. Kostro Miller, RD, LDN

Nutrition Expert

Amanda Kostro Miller, Rd, Ldn Is A Registered Dietitian And Copywriter From Chicago. She Has Experience Working With Veterans, Eating Disorder Patients And Many Other Acute And Chronic Disease States.

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