The 30-Day Plank Challenge for Beginners!

The 30-Day Plank Challenge! By the end of this challenge, you’ll have built an unyielding core able to endure 120 seconds (two full minutes!) of straight up planking agony.

Sounds like fun, right?

With this program, every day you’ll improve your fitness level, consistently strengthening your core muscles to handle more and more planking time.

Below are all the details along with techniques and tips you need to get through this challenge and master the plank.

The Challenge Outline

  • Day 1: 20 seconds
  • Day 2: 20 seconds
  • Day 3: 20 seconds
  • Day 4: 25 seconds
  • Day 5: 30 seconds
  • Day 6: 35 seconds
  • Day 7: REST DAY
  • Day 8: 40 seconds
  • Day 9: 45 seconds
  • Day 10: 50 seconds
  • Day 11: 55 seconds
  • Day 12: 60 seconds
  • Day 13: 60 seconds
  • Day 14:  REST DAY
  • Day 15: 65 seconds
    • Day 16: 70 seconds
    • Day 17: 75 seconds
    • Day 18: 80 seconds
    • Day 19: 85 seconds
    • Day 20: 90 seconds
    • Day 21: REST DAY
    • Day 22: 90 seconds
    • Day 23: 95 seconds
    • Day 24: 100 seconds
    • Day 25: 105 seconds
    • Day 26: 110 seconds
    • Day 27: 110 seconds
    • Day 28: REST DAY
    • Day 29: 115 seconds
    • Day 30: 120 seconds

How To Plank

Tip: Squeezing your abs is the most important part of the exercise. This is how you keep your body straight and start building your core. A proper plank should engage your abdominals and not put too much stress on your shoulders, lower back, or hips. This is easily avoided by perfecting your plank form!

Benefits Of Planking

So why might you want to put yourself through the pain of planking?

Well, I’ll let the benefits speak in defense.

  • Planks engage all of your major core muscles.
  • A stronger core will improve your ability to lift weights.
  • Planking burns more calories than traditional crunches.
  • Proper form will improve your posture and balance.

Enjoy And Embrace The Planking Challenge

Staring at the floor while your abs scream for mercy is boring and painful.

So why not spice it up a bit?

Remember that fun and hilarious “planking” trend. Bring it back with a little tweak!

To end your workout, find a clever new way to plank.

Plank outside, plank on a bench, plank on a tree, plank on the roof—make a game out of it! Find all the cool and exciting locations you can to plank.

Planking is only as boring and monotonous as you make it!

Plank variations

Not a fan of games or trends? Not to worry, there are plenty of other ways to break the monotony.

One of the best ways to keep your workouts fresh and fun is to mix it up! There are multiple alternatives to the original plank that can challenge the abdominals of beginners or even those with abs of steel.

After completing the 30 days be sure to check out plank variations such as:

And the list does not end there. There is even a variation called a Spider-Man Plank for any of you Marvel fans out there. 

As a beginner this may sound intimidating yet rest assured after completing our 30-Day Plank Challenge you’ll be ready to tackle anything.

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Core strength is essential to health and quality of life. Not only can you work towards that ever elusive six pack but the added benefits are plenty.

From improved posture, heavier lifts, reduced risk of injury, and more, it’s crucial to include ab workouts in your routine.

Lucky for you, once you’ve completed The 30-Day Plank Challenge for Beginners, you’ll be well on your way to reaping those benefits and have a solid foundation to build upon.

So what are you waiting for? Plank your way to a healthy and fit life. Get started today!

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